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UM alumni in GBA share innovation and entrepreneurship experience in Residential College of University of Macau


Alumnus Jiang Haitao(Class of 2016, MBA), founder of Aomi, alumnus Liu Qi (Class of 2013, LLM in Juridical Science ),representative of Dacheng Law Firm, alumnus Vong Keng Hei(Class of 2009, LL), th ...

The 69th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series – ” From “Useful Person” to ” Lián Chéng Yījiā” ” by Alumnus. Ken So, at 3:00p.m, 23 Oct, 2019


The 69th Lecture of the UM Distinguished Lecture Series - From "Useful Person" to " Lián Chéng Yījiā" by Alumnus SOU Io Kuong (Class of 2007, BBA in International Business), organized by UM’s Student ...