Monthly Archives: November 2016

“Alumni Visits RC” Series -“Dinner with Alumni” :UMHKAA representatives share experience with MCMC students


After successfully held 2 sessions of Chat Hour at Moon Chun Memorial College (MCMC), ADO invited Mr. Godwin Ng, the Chairmen of the University of Macau (Hong Kong) Alumni Association (UMHKAA), and ...

“Alumni Visits to RC” Series – Chat Hour: Alumnus Li Ruoying and Wong In In share insights on career development


The Alumni and Development Office (ADO) has invited the Moon Chun Memorial College (MCMC) for co-organizing 2 sessions of the “Alumni Chat Hour” on 10 & 14 November this semester respectively. ...

“Alumni Visits to RC” Series – Chat Hour : Alumnus Chan Ka Chon shares career advice and emcee experience


The Alumni and Development Office invited alumnus Chan Ka Chon (Class of 2009, B.A. in Marketing), a TV host of TDM to be the guest speaker of the “Alumni Chat Hour” and paid a visit to the Henry F ...