The opening ceremony for the “Alumni Mentorship Scheme”, which was jointly organized by the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) and Career Development Centre (CDC), was held on 28 September 2019. We have received 150 applications from alumni and students and around 97 were successfully accepted and matched. The program started in October 2019 and will ended in January 2020 with activities like Opening Ceremony, Rock Climbing experience, Oscar Farm – Leisure Trip and Closing Ceremony.

The opening ceremony kicked off with ice-breaking games, helping participants get to know each other. From self-introduction to the group game, everyone was very involved in playing at a harmonious atmosphere. The organizers aimed at friendship building amongst mentors and mentees from different faculties and working aspects.  They wished that this program would serve as a starting point for a lifelong relationship between each participant and would help them to develop their soft skill in networking.

The organizers said that the program has been organized for 12 batches, which could not be possible without alumni’s continuous support and participation. They thanked the alumni for dedicating their time as a mentor to help the alma mater to cultivate their younger brothers and sisters. It is also pleased to see that some of the mentees returned to the Scheme as a mentor, hoping that students participating in this program could continue the spirit of mentorship after their graduation in supporting the alma mater.

The opening ceremony was followed by a lunch where Mr. Paul Pang, the Dean of Students, met with the new batch of alumni mentors and students. All participants had a good time and became more familiar with each other.