Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH), University of Macau held the annual FAH Alumni Day Reception on 26 October 2019. A total of 15 alumni came back to FAH to share their insightful experience in professional development and career planning with current students.

Professor Antony Kunnan, Acting Dean of FAH, delivered an opening speech to welcome the alumni and introduce the latest development of FAH to them. Professor Kunnan expressed his deep appreciation for the alumni’s continued support of the Faculty’s initiative in making current students connected to the workplace.

Four panels of discussion were organized on 4 different career themes: i) public service; ii) education; iii) culture and event planning; and iv) language and research. The alumni from these four career backgrounds were generous and unreserved in sharing their career insights with the current students. Five academic staff members from various teaching units (Chinese, English, Portuguese, Japanese and History) served as the moderators of the panel discussion.

The 15 alumni currently work in different fields of expertise, such as civil service and reading promotion, event planning, art and publication, education, and translation/interpreting. In addition, several of the alumni who are pursuing their postgraduate degrees locally gave current students practical and relevant tips in how to choose a postgraduate major and how to excel in postgraduate studies.

The Q&A session generated thought-provoking questions and positive feedback from the current students, who all enjoyed and benefited tremendously from the sharing by the alumni, and received first-hand and relevant knowledge to prepare for their professional life.

Prof. Joaquim Kuong, FAH’s Assistant Dean for Faculty Promotion and Events Planning, wrapped up the panel discussion, and thanked all the panelists and the current students for their participation.

The FAH Alumni Day ended with a lunch reception, in which the alumni continued the interaction with their former teachers and current students.

Source: FAH