The “2020/2021 Alumni Mentorship Scheme” (AMS), which was co-organized by the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) and the Career Development Centre (CDC), has officially kicked off in October 2020 while alumni mentors and student mentees have had their first meeting during the opening ceremony in October. The scheme attracted more than 130 alumni and students to participate this year, which has reached the highest over the years.

To enhance the connections between alumni mentors and student mentees, ADO and CDC organized an on-campus archery workshop and a tea gathering session on 21 November 2020 (Saturday), which helps to foster communication and mutual learning between mentors and mentees.

The archery workshop was held at the archery range on campus. Before the activity, the instructors of the Archery Association of the UM Students’ Union had briefly introduced the archery equipment, archery techniques and safety tips to the participants. Under the guidance of the instructors, mentors and mentees were able to master basic archery techniques after a series of warm up exercises. Many participants expressed that this was their first exposure to archery and it was a fun and exciting experience.

Some mentors and mentees also joined the tea gathering session at the Student Activity Centre to share their thoughts and ideas with each other.

“Alumni Mentorship Scheme” aims to encourage alumni to give back to their alma mater while creating opportunities for students to learn more about society. This year, the scheme runs from October 2020 to March 2021. During this period, alumni mentors and student mentees will be invited to join a series of exciting group activities to enhance their engagement in the scheme.