The University of Macau (UM) Parking Management Rules, published in the Macao SAR Government Official Gazette on 6 July 2016, in the second series of the 27th issue, will take effect on 7 July 2016. In accordance with the rules, UM on 17 July will begin to charge a fee for parking in any car park on its campus. Non-UM members whose vehicles are currently parked inside UM’s car parks must vacate the car parks before 17 July. External users’ cars that fail to vacate the car parks before the aforementioned date shall be dealt with in accordance with law.

UM’s campus, including some of the facilities, has been open to the public since the university’s relocation in 2014. The Parking Management Rules aim to improve the management of the facilities, to ensure the safety of all users, and to provide convenience to all faculty members, students, and visitors.

To cover the cost of managing car parks, including the cost of hiring security guards and maintaining facilities, UM has decided to charge a fee for parking in any car park on campus according to the ‘user-pays’ principle. As a government-funded public university, UM is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility and ensuring proper use of public resources. Therefore, in determining the hourly parking rate, UM has taken into account various factors, such as the market price, the demand for parking spaces, and users’ affordability.

UM will start charging parking fees on 17 July at midnight according to its Parking Management Rules. In principle, the hourly rate will be roughly the same as that of all public car parks in Macao. Vehicles can be parked in UM car parks for a maximum of eight days at a time. Violators’ vehicles will be impounded by the Public Security Police Force and violators shall be liable for all the expenses incurred, including the parking fee.

Parking fees will be waived for all UM staff members and students during a transitional period, which will last until 1 Jan 2017, when improvement of the relevant facilities is completed. All university staff members, students, and holders of a valid campus card will be eligible to purchase a monthly parking permit and enjoy a 50 per cent discount on hourly parking.

For enquiries about the Parking Management Rules, please contact the Security and Transport Section at 8822 8651.

Source: Security and Transport Section