The 《University of Macau Parking Management Rules》 published in the Macao SAR Government Official Gazett on 6 July, in the second series of the 27th issue, will take effect on 7 July. In accordance with the rules, UM on 17 July will begin to charge a fee for parking in any car park on its campus. Parking fees will be waived for all UM staff members and students during a transitional period, which will last until 1 Jan 2017, when improvement of the relevant facilities is completed.

Alumni can enjoy the benefit of a 50 percent discount on hourly rate parking during the charging period. The monthly passes are limited supply, therefore holders of eligible UM campus cards should apply through pre-application. When considering the applications, the needs of UM staff and students for working and studying will be considered with priority. As such, for alumni who are neither working nor studying on campus, the chance of their successful applications for monthly passes are rather low.

In general, Monthly Pass is not applicable to Visitor Car Park P1, unless prior approval is obtained.

For details, please refer to STS webpage: http://www.umac.mo/sts/svc_parking_card_holder.html. Should you have any enquiries, please contact with STS (Tel: 88228651) or email to sts.transport@umac.mo.