The 40th Anniversary of University of Macau Logo and Slogan Design Competition had drawn to a close with great success. After the assessment by the panel members, the awardees are selected and listed as follows:

Logo Design Award:
Liu Zi Han(FHS, LCWC Postgraduate Student)
1st Runner Up:
Loi Chi Man (Alumnus)

2nd Runner Up:

Zhang Ting Na
(FBA Postgraduate Student)


Slogan Design Award:
Ng Hio Tong (Alumnus)
「博雅傳承四十載 仁義禮知信常在」
1st Runner Up:
Leong Ka Pou (FLL, HFPJC Student)
「仁義禮知信 四十再邁進」
2nd Runner Up:
Ng Keng Ieng
「澳大育才四十載 薪火相傳拓未來」

Congratulations to all awardees!