5 vendors have joined/ renewed the “UM Alumni Card Preferential Scheme”, including:

  • Food & Beverages – Panela Quente YuZong
  • Health & Care – Centro Médico Integrado Chan’s (Macau), Centro Médico Integrado CareMed, Kenko Dental Medical Center
  • Others – EchoCo Art Space Education Center

Currently, 134 vendors have joined the scheme to offer discounts to the alumni cardholders. Alumni can show their cards to enjoy the privileges, kindly refer to the Privileges of UM Alumni Card  for details.

  • If you do not have the card or have lost it, please click here to apply.
  • It is suggested to consult the vendors for the latest updates before using the privileges. 
商戶名稱 Name of Vendor電話 Tel優惠詳情 Offer details

Panela Quente YuZong

(853) 6858-2345*優惠詳情:

憑校友卡到店消費可享7折優惠,晚上9:30 後可享6折優惠

*酒水及特價商品除外, 優惠期至2024年9月30日

*Promotion Details:

Enjoy 30% off discount with the alumni card, 40% off after 9:30pm

*Not applicable to liquor, drinks and sale items, valid till 30 September 2024

商戶名稱 Name of Vendor電話 Tel優惠詳情 Offer details

Centro Médico Integrado Chan’s (Macau)

(853) 2847-0609*優惠詳情:

1.洗牙+口腔檢查六折優惠, 即MOP 300/次. (原價MOP 500)

2. 補牙(填補物為樹脂)八折優惠, 即 MOP 400/隻. (原價MOP 500)

3. 以優惠價MOP 2688享有一次見效的冷光美白牙齒療程. (原價MOP 3688)

4. 全店其他牙科服務九折. (包括牙齒矯正及種植)


*Promotion details:

1. 40% off on “Polishing & Dental Examination” for a cost of MOP300(original price at MOP500).

2. 20% off on Filing with resin composite for a cost of MOP400(original price at MOP500).

3. Enjoy a special price of MOP2688 for whitening treatment (original price at MOP3688).

4. Enjoy 10% off for other dental services (Include orthodontics and implants)

*Valid till 31 May 2025 (Reservation will be required)


Centro Médico Integrado CareMed

(853) 2848-3891*優惠詳情:



*Promotion Details:

Enjoy discount with the alumni card, click here to view more

*Valid till 31 December 2024


Kenko Dental Medical Center

(853) 2896-2933 / 6214-6765優惠詳情:

·         免費口腔檢查

·         免費口腔衛生指導

·         洗牙及去牙漬可享澳門幣250元優惠價

·         診所牙齒美白及家居美白套裝可享澳門幣4,800元優惠價

·         普通牙科治療可享八八折優惠

·         矯齒及植牙可享九折優惠

Promotion Details:

·         Oral check-up for free

·         Oral hygiene instruction for free

·         Discounted price MOP250 for scaling & prophylaxis

·         Discounted price MOP4,800 for clinic teeth whitening and home whitening set

·         12% off for general dental treatment

·         10% off for orthodontics and dental implantation

商戶名稱 Name of Vendor電話 Tel優惠詳情 Offer details

EchoCo Art Space Education Center

(853) 6801-3320*優惠詳情:





  1. 三期大提琴課程
  2. 租用大提琴三個月(可帶回家)

共MOP4,200 (原價:MOP4,850)


*Promotion Details:

Enjoy 5% off discount for course enrollment with the alumni card;

Enjoy 10% off discount while purchasing musical instruments;

Enjoy 15% off discount for the purchase of specific musical instruments while enrolling to the string courses;

Special package for the cello courses, including:

  1. Three terms of cello lessons
  2. Rent a cello for three months (can bring it home)

Total: MOP4,200 (original price: MOP4,850)

* Promotion valid till 31 December 2024