The University of East Asia Open College Students’ Association (UEASA) co-organized a book exhibition ceremony and talk on travel and tourism with the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) on 19 November 2022 (Saturday) in UM Wu Yee Sun Library (E2). Prof. Rui Paulo da Silva Martins, Vice Rector (Global Affairs); Ms. Cindy Lam, Director of ADO; Dr. Wu Jianzhong, University Librarian; Alumnus Cheong U, Macao member of the CPPCC; Mr. Kot Man Kam, President of AAAUM; Ms. Aska Cheong, Deputy Director of the Associação dos Viajantes de Macau; Mr. Loi Chi Kong, President of the UEASA; Professor Tam Sik Chung, Interim College Master of Shiu Pong College; Prof Tam Kam Weng, Director of UM’s Centre for Science and Engineering Promotion; Mr. Vong I Tat, Vice President of UEASA; Mr. Ao Chin Chi, President of the Executive Committee; Mr. Lei Chin Cheng, President of the Supervisory Committee; Ms. Choi Pui Leng, member of UEASA, teachers and student from Shiu Pong College attended the event.

Ms. Aska Cheong and Alumnus Cheong U shared their travelling and life experiences on the talk. Ms. Cheong encouraged students to overcome setbacks with positive values. Alumnus Cheong U suggested students to better prepare themselves and travel more to broaden their horizons, enhance their personal development skills and make the best endeavours to tell the world the good stories of Macao and China.

The book exhibition will be held at the UM Wu Yee Sun Library (E2) from now till 26 November, and you are welcome to pay a visit during this period.