The opening activity of the “2022/2023 Alumni Mentorship Scheme” (scheme), which was co-organized by the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) and the Career Development Centre (CDC), was held on 24 September 2022 (Saturday) at the Next Kitchen restaurant in UM. As the first meetup activity for alumni mentors and student mentees, a tea reception was organized for them to share their experiences in small group discussions. During the activity, representatives of ADO and CDC introduced the purpose of the scheme, activities and roles of mentors and mentees to the participants. This year, the scheme has attracted participation of more than 120 alumni and students.

“Alumni Mentorship Scheme” matches alumni with current students based on their backgrounds and interests, where alumni with at least three years of work experiences act as mentors. The scheme aims to encourage alumni to give back to their alma mater through giving advice, and sharing their work and life experiences with the mentees, it also creates opportunities for mentees to broaden their social networks. This year, the scheme runs from September 2022 to January 2023, a series of exciting group activities will be organized to encourage them to actively participate in the scheme.