The University of Macau Cheng Yu Tung College successfully held high table dinner on December 3rdat the dining hall of S9, new campus. Chairman of the University Council Dr. Tse Chi Wai and Mrs. Tse Chi Wai, Executive Director of New World China Land Limited and representative of Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu Tung Foundation Mr. Cheng Kar Shing, Rector of University of Macau Prof. Zhao Wei, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau Foundation Dr. Ng Chi Leung, Vice Rector Prof. Haydn H. D. Chen and Mrs Chen, Director of Macau Daily Mr. Lok Po and Editor-in-Chief of Macau Daily Times Mr. Paulo Coutinho were invited as guests.

When the music started, all the guests marched in headed by Master Chung Ling. Master Chung delivered the opening remark and announced that all the 121 students of Freshman College (East) will stay in Chung Yu Tung College for the rest of the four years’ college life. Rector Zhao Wei then highlighted the important developments of University of Macau. Our donor Mr. Cheng Kar Shing shared the educational concept of Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu Tung Foundation and expressed his high expectation on the students of Cheng Yu Tung College.

Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu Tung Foundation donated 30 million MOP to support the development of Chung Yu Tung College. Led by Master Chung Ling, a renowned writer, Cheng Yu Tung College aims to develop noble aspirations, love of humanity, and cultural refinement in students through various activities and distinguished lecture series.

Honored guests from University of Macau, Dean of Students Dr. Yu Xiaoming, Registrar of Academic Affairs Office Mr. Paul Pang, Director of Finance Office Ms. Helen Leung and three non-resident fellows of Cheng Yu Tung College were also invited. They sat among the students and provided students with an opportunity to carry out interaction.

To promote residential college in Macau, five high school principals including Principal Kou Kam Fai of Pui Ching Middle School, Principal Sein Myint Maung, Micheal of Yuet Wah College, Principal Ieong Chi Chau of Santa Rosa de Lima Girls Secondary, Principal Lei Pou Tin of Pooi To Middle School and Vice-Principal Chan Peng Kun of Instituto Salesiano were invited to the high table dinner. Each of them also brought one student representative.  They witnessed an elegant high table dinner fusing Western and Eastern culture.