The closing ceremony of the “Alumni Mentorship Scheme” (scheme), which was co-organized by the Alumni and Development Office and the Career Development Center, was held on 20 January (Saturday) in the auditorium of library. Prof. Rui Paulo da Silva Martins, Vice Rector (Global Affairs), expressed his gratitude to the alumni mentors who dedicated their time to help the Alma Mater to cultivate students, as well as transforming the mentoring relationships into lifelong friendships.

Aiming to promote the “mentoring spirit”, the scheme has been held constantly for 15 years, providing valuable mutual learning opportunities for alumni mentors and students. The guidance and experiences shared by mentors can assist students to gain insights into the development opportunities in various professional fields and set appropriate goals for themselves. Through interpersonal communications and interactions with students, mentors will also have better understanding of the younger generation’s thoughts and values, leading to new inspirations.

This year, over 80 alumni and students were paired together. During the four-month period, mentors and students had participated in different group activities and team meetings to exchange ideas and experiences, fostering a closer mentor-mentee relationship.

The new batch of the scheme will be opened for application in August 2024. Alumni and students are welcome to apply, you can visit the scheme’s website (https://ado.um.edu.mo/get-involved/alumni-mentorship-scheme/) for more information.

團體活動花絮 Snapshots of Group Activities

開幕禮 Opening Ceremony

咖啡體驗工作坊 Coffee Experience Workshop

射擊體驗 NERF Hyper Shooting

結業禮 Closing Ceremony


Participation Certificates, “Active Participation Award”, “Outstanding Mentees Award” and “Outstanding Mentor Award”

were presented at the closing ceremony