In order to help students to know more about services and the different activities under the “Alumni-Students Activities” series organized by the Alumni and Development office (ADO), we have launched a series of promotional activities in March and April in public area and faculty. Through such activities, around 150 of visitors had visited our booth for enquiries and information.

  1. Promotion of ADO services and activities
  • ADO set up a booth in the Anthony Lau Building from 18 to 22 March 2019 for the promotion of ADO services, the “Alumni and Student Activity” Series, donation with small game activity.
  • ADO set up the booth at FBA on 4 April 2019, promoting the “Alumni and Student Activity” Series to students.
  1. Participation at “Career and Internship Fair 2019”
  • Targeting at young graduates and potential alumni-to-be, ADO joined the “Career and Internship Fair 2019” organized by the Career and Development Centre from  21 to 22 March 2019. A booth was set up to promote ADO services, different alumni activities.  Young alumni who has left the University within two years were invited to visit the exhibition for idea job opportunities. On the other hand, we promoted our “Job Net” to participating companies for free posting of job vacancies to UM alumni.