In order to strengthen the relationship with the alumni associations, the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) met with the representatives of 15 alumni associations through a sharing session to discuss and exchange ideas about the celebratory activities for the 40th anniversary of UM. The sharing session was held in UM on October 17. Representatives of local and overseas alumni associations were invited to attend the sharing session, while the representatives of overseas alumni associations participated online.

The representatives of the alumni associations shared the latest development of their associations and gave their opinions regarding to the major celebratory activities for the 40th anniversary of the university. They also put forward valuable suggestions and collaboration ideas during the sharing session.

Director of ADO, Ms. Cindy Lam thanked the representatives of the alumni associations for attending the sharing session. ADO will summarize the proposed ideas and suggestions. It is wished that the alumni associations would give full play to their roles as communication bridges between alumni and the alma mater, foster the bonds amongst alumni, and assist ADO to promote the development of alumni affairs. Moreover, it is essential for the alumni to enhance their sense of belongings to the alma mater through the cooperation between ADO and alumni associations.