Alumnus Chou Kam Chon

Class of 1996, Bachelor in Chinese-Portuguese Translation Studies 

Class of 2001, Bachelor of Law in Chinese Language

Class of 2007, Master of Law in Chinese Language

On April 27, 2021, Mr. Kam Chon CHOU, the former Deputy Director of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, was cordially invited to share his wisdom and expertise on career planning and public service. Around 140 students participated in this event.

With a warm welcome and introduction from Professor Benzi ZHANG, Master of Shiu Pong College, Mr. CHOU shared his personal stories and recalled his experiences of studying in the University of Macau. Though studying law in Portuguese language was very difficult, he never gave up and demonstrated. Amid his sharing, Mr. CHOU introduced the civil service entry system, qualification requirements and the channels of obtaining information for government job vacancies and examinations. At the end of the sharing session, Mr. CHOU encouraged the students to grasp the opportunities, and to focus on their career aspirations and plan for the future.

Mr. Kam Chon CHOU received his MA in Law, and two BAs in Law and in Chinese-Portuguese Translation. He devoted himself to the Macao law study and development, and was the deputy director of Law Reform and International Law Bureau, arbitration committee member of Arbitration Centre for Building Management Affairs, programme coordinator of Improvement of Legal Practice and Language Program of University of Macau (UM), etc. His publications include: Commercial Law of Macau, Portuguese Civil Law (Translation version). Currently, he is the adjunct assistant professor of UM and instructor of Legal and Judicial Training Centre.

Source: Shiu Pong College