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The first “Alumni Reunion ” was held in Novotel Atlantis Shanghai on 18 December 2016. Around 50 alumni came to join. As gratefulness to the university education and giving back to the Alma Mater, all registration fee collected from alumni would be considered as donation for the future development of the University. As a token of appreciation, each participating alumnus was given a UM bookmark in return. 

Following the successfulness in reconnected alumni activity like  “Alumni Day in China” Series, the “Alumni Reunion ” is another alumni activity held by the Office for lining-up alumni in living or working in the same provinces or cities to build professional networks and connections that can lead to opportunities of making a contribution to the Alma Mater, facilitating job cooperation between alumni and assisting the Alma Mater to nurture young generation.

The dinner started with welcome note from the Director of ADO , Mr. Peng Chun Vong who felt grateful on alumni achievements that helped building up university reputation. He also hoped alumni groups in different regions could be allied for building a professional network and sharing resources that could be valuable to the development of alumni affairs and the Alma Mater. Afterwards, the promotion video of UM’s latest development in talent cultivation, academic achievement and campus construction were shown subsequently to update the alumni. Over 10 alumni shared their life and work experience after graduation. They also discussed the possibility to establish the alumni association in Shanghai and also created a WeChat group for exchanging ideas for forming an alumni association and related preparation works.

In 2017, the Alumni and Development Office is planning to organize “Alumni Reunion” in Beijing on the first half of this year. Any updates will be announced on ADO website and by email.

Here are the activity highlights that we wish to share with you.