The “Alumni Mentorship Scheme” co-organized by UM Alumni and Development Office and Student Affairs Office – Career Development Centre has been held for ten years and held its closing ceremony on 18 November 2017 at Banquet Hall , UM Guest House.

Director of Alumni and Development Office, Mr. Peng Chun Vong gave a thank you address at the closing party and showed a gratitude to the alumni as mentors who shared their experience and gave guidance to mentees. Dean of Students of Student Affairs Office, Mr. Paul Pang encouraged students to keep connection with their mentors and to make new friends with other alumni mentors. He hoped students could take them as role model and come back to the Alma Mater to help grow school brothers. Following the speech, Mr. Vong and Mr. Pang presented certificates of appreciation to all the mentors and mentees who have passed the evaluation.

Student Kuan Ka Meng, Zeng Huilin and Liu Ruoyi were awarded the “Outstanding Mentees” of “Alumni Mentorship Scheme 2017”. Book coupons and certificates were presented by their mentors Leong Ka Seng,Chang Sit Kit and Tou Chan Kao. After the presentation, alumni and students mingled with each other while enjoying their lunch.