The “Alumni Summer Camp”, which was organized by the Alumni and Development Office (ADO), was successfully held on campus on 27-28 July 2019. Around 70 alumni came back to the Alma Mater with their families and friends to join the camp. Besides local alumni, there were alumni coming from Fujian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well. The Office has prepared a series of wonderful programs including sports experience like archery, swimming and gymnasium, cupcake decorating workshop, mindful stress reduction workshop, tea gathering, alumni dinner and on-campus living experience for alumni to participate.

The activity started at 3 pm. The first session was a cupcake decoration class offered by instructor from Bakery Workshop. Alumni learnt to decorate the cakes with their hands and creativity. Another mindfulness stress reduction workshop was held at the same time by the UM Psychological Counseling Associate Mr. Sam Lei. He gave a brief introduction on the mindfulness and explained how to practice it daily to manage emotions effectively. A Tea gathering was prepared after the workshops for all participants to mingle and get to know each other.

Archery was also part of the programs for the summer camp this year. Archery Association of the UM Students’ Union were invited to teach the participants to play.   Some of them said that it was the first time to experience this new and exciting activity. They hoped to have more opportunities to play in the future.

After a day of recreational activities, alumni finally got together for dinner in the evening. ADO presented a unique dinner that came with cuisines made from lotus in the Fortune Inn restaurant. All alumni associations’ leaders were invited to join. Mr. Peng Chun Vong, Director of ADO welcomed guests and participants; and wished that alumni could be united and drawn closer to the alma mater by joining different  activities. He also encouraged alumni to be more active in joining university activities. A group photo was taken to record this precious moment. During the dinner, a lucky draw was arranged to heat up the air and the dinner ended in with laughter and joy.