University of Macau (UM) alumna Hazel Huang (Class of 2016, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology) is an entrepreneur. A graduate of the Department of Psychology and the Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC), she landed her first job in Guangzhou and later founded her own companies in Macao and Zhuhai. She is the chair of these companies, whose products help patients choose doctors and make appointments with them more easily. Her companies also promote Chinese medicine products made in mainland China to Portuguese-speaking countries. Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, she says, ‘I have learned a lot from studying and living in a residential college at UM, which helped me overcome many challenges when I built my own businesses.’

Designing a Medical Appointment System for Macao

After graduating from UM in 2016, she worked for a pharmaceutical company in Guangzhou for a short time, before joining a special training programme in Shanghai for young talent from Macao. She found the online medical appointment systems in Shanghai highly efficient, user-friendly, and far more advanced than those in Macao. So she decided to set up a similar service in Macao. She returned to Guangzhou after the internship to gain more work experience and to establish personal contacts. At the same time, she joined many business competitions in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and won many awards. She founded Trendyi Health Technology Limited in Macao in 2019, and Bay Valley Technology Research Limited in Zhuhai the following year.

Back in the HFPJC to share her experiences, Huang said that the flagship product of her companies is the ‘Jubilee Health Platform’, which helps patients choose the right clinic. It can reduce patients’ waiting time and give doctors a clear working schedule. She and her business partner Luo Yizheng, also an HFPJC graduate, named the platform ‘Jubilee’ to express their gratitude to the college.

Experiences in the RC Student Association Help Prepare Her for Challenges

Huang was the secretary-general of her RC’s Student Association, where she learned many valuable life lessons. ‘When I ran for the secretary-general of the college’s Student Association, it was the first time that I had to step out of my comfort zone. When I served on the association, I learned the skills to lead, plan events, and communicate with others. These skills came in handy when I started my own businesses. In the Student Association, we often argued when organising activities, but we eventually managed to resolve our differences.’

In the early stages of her startups, she often argued with her business partners, but the skills she learned in the HFPJC helped her find solutions. ‘We decided that we could discuss our thoughts, but in the end, it should be the person in charge of the current topic that got the final word. Therefore, the division of labour between partners must be clear.’

Another challenge for Huang was finding the right technology company to work with. ‘At first, we worked with a company, but later terminated the contract because of differing ideas on key issues. I contacted four or five companies and still failed to find a suitable one. At that time, I was almost on the verge of giving up. Fortunately, with the encouragement of my friends, I determined to carry on. It was the support of my friends that pushed me forward, and most of my best friends came from my college at UM,’ says Huang.

Perseverance Is a Must for First-time Entrepreneurs

For students who want to start a business, Huang emphasises the importance of perseverance and seizing the right opportunities. ‘You need to know what the market needs in order to make products and services that are appealing to your consumers. No matter how good your idea is, there will be setbacks and you may want to give up. To achieve your goal, you must be daring and persistent.’

Source: My UM