The “2015 Alumni Mentorship Scheme” Closing Party co-organized by UM Alumni and Development Office and Student Affairs Office – Further Study and Placement Centre was held on 14 November 2015 at Lakeport Café.

Director of Alumni and Development Office Mr. Peng Chun Vong gave a thank you address at the closing party and showed a gratitude to the alumni as mentors who shared their experience and gave guidance to mentees. He also thanked the students for their participation in helping them to make the future plan and widen their horizons, serving as the bridge between the University and its alumni. Following the speech, Mr. Vong and Head of Student Counselling and Development Section of Student Affairs Office Mr. Elvo Sou presented certificates of appreciation to all the mentors and mentees who have passed the evaluation.

Student Pau Ka Kei, Liu Xinrong and Liu Junru were awarded the “Outstanding Mentees” of 2015 Alumni Mentorship Scheme and shared their fond memory of being a mentee, as well as the valuable experiences they obtained from the scheme. After the presentation, alumni and students mingled with each other while enjoying their lunch.