“Life can affect life” is not solely a slogan, but a real action; it is not too difficult for people to accomplish. In the real world, there are a lot of people devoting themselves to caring for the helpless. There is such a person surrounding us ─ alumnus Chang Si Kit (Kisley), who has always sticked to his belief of a grateful heart, a sense of responsibility to spread positive attitude and the spirit of great love. He wants to use his actions to prove that as long as one dedicates themselves, an ordinary thing can make extraordinary.

Back From the Future Thinking

If you know Kisely well, you would know he has a nickname called “Si Ze” which means a person who love thinking in the Chinese. Kisely is that kind of person. “I love to think. Before action, I prefer to think about ‘the reason why this happen’ or ‘How can I make the positive effect if I do it?’ My practice is ‘back from the future’ thinking. I will set a goal for each 5-year, 10-year or even 20- year and then start to look back .The starting point of setting goals for the coming year is for you to go forward and think back. You can then see the steps that you will need to take, the changes that you will need to make, and the mull things that you will need to stop doing. Afterwards, you would have a more positive way looking at life.”

Being asked if he has developed the ability of thinking and planning since a very young age, he replied: “In fact, it gets started from the college. At that time, I joined many extracurricular activities, such as Peer Support Program (PSP), SPRING, Rotaract Club of the University of Macau and the Youth Leadership program of Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau. At that time, I even had to study and do a part-time job. Then I realized I have to make good use of my finite amount of time and maintain a proper balance on study, work and extracurricular activities. Actually, my major was strategic management which helped me to well-practice the know-how I have learnt into those activities.” Now, Kisley is working as Financial Planner to offer financial solutions to guests. He said keeping a positive attitude is also needed in his job apart from the requirement of professional knowledge, rigorousness and faithfulness.”


The Post- 80s Has a Dedicated Quality

Such a description is rarely associated with the Post-80s that they have a sense of responsibility, especially in the aspect of social responsibility, as well as a dedicated quality; they put them into practice in manner of volunteering and giving helps to others. However, all these characteristics could be found in Kisley. While most of people take the value of volunteering for granted, he has insisted to join the volunteer works both in school and society in which he obtained the care and love. Afterwards, his attitude toward life has been changed. He said: “When I was a freshman, I had an opportunity to join PSP program in which I was touched by the mentors who dedicated their time and made efforts to help us to grow. Then I joined the program again as a mentor, I have seen the positive changes in new freshmen with our support and guidance, which helped me realize the real meaning of the belief of PSP – ‘life can affect life’.”  Kisley looked back at his PSP experience as a turning point in his life so that he wrote down the touching story of “Pay It Forward”. He was encouraged to participate  in the activity of  “Touching Your Heart, Empowering You to Be Positive” “—Macau Youth Federation: Distinguished Youth Award Scheme” organized by Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau with his touching story, under the nomination of the University of Macau Student Counselling and Development. After selections and public poll, ten youth with their touching stories has been certified as a distinguished youth; Kisley is one of them.

Kisley felt very grateful to all members of PSP program which brought him up so that he can attire certification today. During the process of “love-receiver” to “love –forwarder”, he has been displaying both his spirit of dedication to the society and his positive character trait. He has even brought the spirit back to his alma mater to give the care and love to his school brothers and sisters by joining the activity of “Alumni Support Alumni” and “Alumni Mentorship Scheme” after he graduated.


Inspire People by His Positive Energy

Sometimes, the most ordinary things by ordinary people could make extraordinary and turned to be a great power to stimulate more positive energy from a human being. Indeed, you have been very impressed by his positive thinking after a deep conversation. Therefore, he has another mission which is to promote positive energy in life. He hopes to bring more positive energy to the society in manner of volunteering and giving helps to others.

So how he keep himself being optimism all the time? He said: “ I think a wonderful life should have ups and downs, so I will treat every setback or failure in my life as a learning experienced ; you also need to keep an open mind. By filling your world with an open mind and positive thinking, the positive energy will come your way. Then you gradually begin to feel more comfortable in and adjusting to the new environment.” He encourages his school brothers and sisters to work harder and to learn through experience with a more open-mind and positive thinking; all these will build you up.

Now Kisley, as a distinguished youth, who always reminds himself to set a good example to others, sticks to his belief of “life can affect life” and “promote positive energy”, inspires everyone around him by his every word and behavior.