On 6th September, 2023, Moon Chun Memorial College, University of Macau was delighted to invite alumnus Wong Tin Chon, Director of Macau Comickers Association to offer an insight regarding the biography of Zheng Guanying through his educational comic, entitled: “Macao Zheng Guanying”.  This comic literature represents Zheng’s life experiences in Zhongshan City, Macao and Shanghai. The talk aimed to enhance students’ understanding of Zheng’s thoughts, as well as promoting education in local history and humanities.

Mandarin House of MCM College is denominated after UNESCO’s iconic World Heritage – Mandarin’s House and leverages on patriot, Zheng Guanying as its learning model.  It further endeavors to promote the concept of “Loving Motherland Loving Macao” through  its daily activities.

The talk attracted twenty participants who were interested in understanding more about the life and works of Zheng, and Mandarin’s House.  The speaker further explained that Zheng was a pioneering thinker and industrialist in modern China. He compiled his masterpiece “Words of Warning to a Prosperous Age” during his residence at Mandarin’s House, which had a profound impact on the modern Chinese history.

Source: Moon Chun Memorial College