To honor the long-term supports from the Bank of China to the higher education in Macau and contributions to the University of Macau, the Central Teaching Building (E3) was thereby named as “BOC Centennial Building”. An unveiling ceremony of the building was held last Saturday.

The unveiling ceremony was officiated by Dr. Lam Kam Seng, University Council Chair of the University of Macau, UM Rector Wei Zhao, Mr. Tian Guoli, Chairman of the Bank of China and Mr. Ye Yi-Xin, General Manager of the Bank of China (Macau Branch) and other guests. During the ceremony, Rector Zhao expressed sincere thanks to the Bank of China for their supports to the development of higher education. He also stated that the donations from the Bank of China help UM to reach higher.

BOC Centennial Building is a five-storey building located at E3 of the Central Teaching Building zone with approximately 8000 square meters. The building is equipped with administrative units and various 25 and 50 seats classroom which can accommodate up to 1000 students to have lectures and study opportunities at the same time.