The Alumni and Development Office would like to share with you the good news about the official establishment of the University of Macau (Beijing) Alumni Association (UMBJAA) in December 2017. The Inaugural Ceremony of UMBJAA was held on 23rd December 2017. The University of Macau (Beijing) Alumni Association will lead alumni members to build a good communication platform with the Alma Mater and the alumni in Beijing. They will focus on strengthening the link a and provide a platform for experience exchange, mutual cooperation and integrating resources to all alumni in Beijing.


The 1st board member list of UMBJAA:

理事會The Council


主席 President蘇瑋 Su Wei
秘書長Secretary常亞南 Chang Yanan
副秘書長 Vice Secretary黃帥Huang Shuai
副主席Vice President牟凱Mou Kai、曹楠Cao Nan
活動運營中心Event Operation部長  Director牟凱Mou Kai
副部長(分管專業活動)Vice Director江婷Jiang Ting
副部長(分管行業活動)Vice Director劉河楊Liu Heyang、孫輝Sun Hui
宣傳推廣部Marketing部長Director黃帥Huang Shuai
副部長Vice Director曹楠Cao Nan
財務部Treasury部長Director王煥嬌Wang Huanjiao
副部長Vice Director熊婧云 Xiong Jingyun
法律文案部Law部長Director常亞南Chang Yanan
人事行政部Personnel Administration部長Director王宇Wang Yu
副部長Vice Director江婷Jiang Ting
對外聯絡部External communication部長Director黃軒Huang Xuan
副部長Vice Director曾鳳儀Zeng Fengyi
監事會The Supervisory Board監事長Supervisor何侃He Kan