Two teams formed by University of Macau (UM) professors, namely ‘UM SupraScience’ and ‘Macau Smart City Terahertz Light Quantum Energy Saver Equipment Project’, and a team formed by UM students, namely ‘FinTech Plus’, recently won a first prize, a second prize, and a third prize, respectively, at the 2022 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition. The winning teams will represent Macao in the grand final of the One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition.

This year’s competition received a total of 71 applications, covering areas as medical equipment, biotechnology, smart city, and financial technology. The ‘UM SupraScience’ Team won the first prize for a novel platform based on supramolecular technology for live cell-mediated drug delivery. The product showed great potential in clinical trials in the form of reagent cartridges, which can quickly bind patients’ somatic cells to drug-loaded nanoparticles and return them back to the human body for treatment. It can be applied to the coupling delivery of a variety of cells and nano-drugs to treat different diseases.

The team of ‘Macau Smart City Terahertz Light Quantum Energy Saver Equipment Project’ won the second prize for their Terahertz light quantum energy saver device, which can be used for smart city development in Macao.

The ‘FinTech Plus’ Team won the third prize for their RISC-V framework-based and X86 framework-based volatility calculating platforms using FPGA with attached software services. In addition, three other teams, namely ‘Fang Yuan Wealth Fund Solutions’, ‘Habitat’, and ‘Eture’, each won an Outstanding Award. The team ‘FinTech Plus’ won the Best Trade Show Award, while the team ‘Fang Yuan Wealth Fund Solutions’ won the Best Elevator Pitch Award.

The following guests attended the award ceremony: Chan Hon Sang, deputy director of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau; Xu Jian, vice rector of UM; Chan Iok Wai, head of the Department of Students of the Education and Youth Development Bureau; Simon Che, senior manager of the Project Transformation and Support Department of the Science and Technology Development Fund; Sou Man Kin, deputy director of Personal Banking and Channel Management Department of the Bank of China (Macau Branch); Stanley Ngai, deputy CEO of Parafuturo De Macau Investment and Development Limited; Avi Sun, vice president of Success Capital Co, Ltd; Danny Chau, director of Gold Chess Asia Consulting Ltd; Evan Yin, general manager of the Research and Development Department of InfoMacro Information Technology Limited; Lou I Lam, treasurer of Macao Legal Exchange and Promotion Association; Jerome Yen, head of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of UM; Paul Pang, dean of students of UM; Cindy Lam, director of the Alumni and Development Office of UM; and Elvo Sou, head of the Student Counselling Section of Student Affairs Office of UM.

The One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition was launched in 2011 by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This year’s regional competitions were held in Hong Kong, Macao, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, and the Yangtze River delta. The event aimed to provide a platform for students, entrepreneurs, and investors to exchange ideas, collaborate in competitions, in order to get to know more about each other. The Macao regional competition was organisesd by HKUST, hosted by UM, and sponsored by the Bank of China (Macau Branch).

Source: Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship