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The University of Macau (UM) today (3 December) held the Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2016. This year, 852     graduates of PhD degree programmes, master’s degree programmes, and postgraduate certificate/diploma programmes, received their graduation certificates. Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr Tam Chon Weng officiated at the ceremony on behalf of Dr Chui Sai On, chief executive of the Macao SAR and chancellor of UM. Tam said that UM’s education model helps enhance its own quality and the quality of higher education in Macao, adding that he appreciates what UM has done to facilitate cultural interaction between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. 

‘Speaking of the anniversary, perhaps there’s no better way to celebrate it than for the university to have created a sound learning environment for students on this modern and well-facilitated campus,’ said Tam in his speech. ‘The practice of a whole-person education would not be possible without the very good research resources that this university has and the holistic learning that the combined workings of the college system and the faculties produce. So the way the university is working so successfully towards all this not only represents a big step forward for itself, but also serves as the fulcrum of change for the higher education of Macao.’

‘This year has seen the intensifying of the university’s efforts to make advancement on various fronts: academic matters, research, and administration. It’s therefore not difficult to realise why the university has become the one as we know it today: Its kudos grew with every of its efforts made; its clout formed with all of its academic commitments combined,’ he added. ‘It is heartening to learn that that a Chinese Portuguese bilingual teaching and training centre will be operating next spring to train both local primary and secondary school teachers, as well as those in tertiary institutions in mainland under a long to medium-term training plan. The centre will also offer Chinese studies to students from the Portuguese-speaking countries. It can be seen how the university is capitalising on its own strengths to help the Macao SAR fit into the context of national development by running this kind of training and education to facilitate Sino-Portuguese countries cultural interaction. We really appreciate what the university has done in these regards to enable Macao to live up to the expectations of Premier Li.’ 

Rector Wei Zhao also gave a speech at the ceremony, in which he talked about the five age-old virtues listed in the university motto, namely humanity, integrity, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity. ‘Of these five moral attributes, let me talk about the second one, integrity. A single character, but it holds a kernel of profound truth,’ said Rector Zhao. ‘Integrity means what it means: justice and fairness. When you have your heart in the right place, and act where your sense of justice takes you, you are already more than half way through the actualisation of integrity.’ He discussed how the Chinese culture emphasises the ‘grand’ version of integrity. He also offered words of encouragement to the students, ‘Work hard to pursue your ideals and the rainbow will just be up there displaying its hues for you.’ 

Chao Kit I, representative of the graduates, thanked UM for its education and for the opportunity to study at the City, University of London, as an exchange student. ‘Part of my exchange experience even included producing subtitles and translation for some amazing movies,’ she said. Chao also thanked the professors for instilling in the students a love of learning.

This year, a total of 852 students from PhD degree programmes, master’s degree programmes, and postgraduate certificate/diploma programmes, received graduation certificates. Among them, 66 received PhD degrees, 731 received master’s degrees, and 55 received postgraduate diplomas/certificates. 15 outstanding master’s students and graduates received scholarships.

Source: Communications Office