Dr. Anthony Lau, an alumnus of the University of Macau (UM), donated MOP 10 million to the University of Macau Development Foundation (UMDF), with the hope of advancing whole-person education at UM. This has been the largest donation from UM alumni. To show gratitude for Dr. Lau’s generosity, UM will name one of the classroom buildings on the new campus after Dr. Lau.

At the cheque presentation ceremony held today (17 September 2010), Dr. Lau presented the dummy cheque to Dr. Tse Chi Wai, Chair of the Executive Committee of UMDF and Chair of the University Council of UM, who received the cheque on behalf of UMDF. UM Rector Wei Zhao said in his speech that, “A university cannot grow without its alumni and community support.” He added that donations from UM alumni “have always been important in driving the University’s pursuit of excellence,” and that “Dr. Lau takes the lead to make another large donation to his alma mater as a means to inspire fellow alumni and students to support the University in its 30th anniversary next year.” In closing, Rector Wei Zhao said that “It is both the University’s hope and Dr. Lau’s hope that his continuous generosity can encourage people including our alumni to support the development of the University.”

Dr. Lau has spared no effort to support the development of his alma mater since graduation from the University of East Asia (predecessor of UM). He is former President of the University of Macau (UM) (Hong Kong) Alumni Association. He donated HKD one million to UM on its 25th anniversary. Dr. Lau said that UM has been actively promoting high-quality undergraduate education in recent years, with the aim of developing future leaders for Macao. He said as an alumnus of UM he felt very proud of UM’s progress in teaching and research and was happy to be a part of it. He also encouraged other alumni to donate money and support alumni-themed activities at UM.

Dr. Lau now serves as the Chairman of Pacific Air Ltd. He was a founding shareholder and former Chairman and Chief Executive of BALtrans Holdings Ltd, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The cheque presentation ceremony was followed by a talk “Logistics Path to Entrepreneurship” by Dr. Lau. In the talk Dr. Lau shared with the audience his many years of experiences in the logistics industry.

In order to offer more choices for local secondary school graduates and develop well-rounded professionals in various fields to contribute to the economic diversification in Macao, UM plans to establish approximately eight faculties on the new campus, including the existing Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (which will be divided into two separate faculties, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Arts), and at least one new faculty: Faculty of Life Science and Health.