he Macao SAR Government announced that all higher education institutions will further postpone class resumption. While normal teaching and learning activities are interrupted during the anti-epidemic period, the University will take various measures to implement its principle of “Keep Learning amid Class Suspension”. In the meanwhile, the University always prioritises public health and the physical and psychological well-being of the students. In view of the above, the University’s Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control hereby issues the following important notice:

1 Postponement of Class Resumption

The class resumption date will be further postponed, and the official class resumption arrangements will be announced one week before the resumption. Please pay close attention to the University’s website.

2 Distance Learning and Academic Guidance

2.1 With the support of the e-learning platforms of the University including Moodle, arrangements will be made as follows:

(1) Before class resumption, the University will implement distance learning and academic guidance, and each faculty will announce its detailed arrangements in this regard;

(2) Students who are unable to return to the campus at the class resumption date can continue to engage in distance learning;

(3) The same grades and credits will be obtained by completing assignments and examinations according to the original study plan through distance learning.

2.2 If certain teaching content cannot be replaced by distance learning, such as laboratory classes, the University will make appropriate arrangements or provide supplementary classes after class resumption.

2.3 The University will schedule supplementary classes at night and on weekends as appropriate, to ensure that students can, as far as possible, complete their learning tasks as originally planned.

2.4 Supervisors of postgraduate students (master’s and PhD students) will continue to provide academic guidance via various online platforms.

2.5 The University will ensure that students have access to teaching materials and information in advance through appropriate channels, and notify students of the lecture time, form and content.

3 Graduation Time

3.1 The University will take measures to avoid postponing the graduation of students due to the epidemic outbreak.

4 Mainland Exchange Programmes

4.1 As the class resumption dates of both UM and institutions in the Mainland are still unknown, the University will make appropriate study arrangements for the affected outgoing exchange students to the Mainland according to their different situations.

5 Teaching Staff

5.1 Detailed working arrangements for the teaching staff after the Chinese New Year holiday will be announced by the Office of Administration. Please pay close attention to the University’s announcement. After returning to the campus, contact and work should be carried out through various communications means and the Internet to avoid gathering and excessive movement of people. Faculty members should strictly abide by the University’s epidemic prevention and control guidelines and policies. They should also actively implement all distance teaching and other teaching and learning arrangements implemented by the University for the remainder of this semester (second semester of the academic year 2019/2020).


6 Research Staff (Postdoctoral, Research Assistants and other research staff)

6.1 Research staff should not return to the campus without approval and should work at home. Those who need to return to the campus for special reasons need to seek approval from the Vice Rector (Research) via their supervisors and faculty deans. Those who return to the campus without approval should leave the campus immediately.

  1. Campus Access Control Measures for Students

7.1 Macao students who are currently staying in residential colleges or the Postgraduate House must return home immediately if their homes are in Macao; Macao students who are already at home must not return to the University until classes resume.

7.2 Non-local students who are currently not on campus must not return to the campus until classes resume.

7.3 Before classes resume, all undergraduate, master’s and PhD students who have come back to the campus without approval must return home immediately.

7.4 In case of any special research tasks that require master’s and PhD students to return to the campus before classes resume, approval must be obtained from the Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) through their supervisors and the respective faculty deans or institute directors. Students who have obtained approval to return to the campus must follow the University’s anti-epidemic guidelines and policies.

7.5 Except for returning home, students who are currently residing in the University should refrain from leaving the campus. Once returned home, they must not go back to the campus before classes resume.

  1. MaintainingPhysical andPsychological Well-being

8.1 All UM faculty members, students, and staff should take care of the physical and psychological well-being of themselves and the others. They should wear masks, wash hands frequently, and go out less to prevent the spread of virus. Students in need may contact the Psychological Counselling Centre of the Student Affairs Office:

Email: sao.counsellor@um.edu.mo

Tel: +853 8822 4681

8.2 Students who have physical discomfort or medical needs should seek local medical assistance where possible and receive appropriate treatment. Students who encounter difficulties outside Macao may contact the Global Affairs Office (Email: gao.enquiry@um.edu.mo; Tel: +853 8822 4386).

Contacts (Office Hours)

UnitWebsiteContact numberEmail
Faculty of Arts and Humanitiesfah.um.edu.mo8822 8121mingc@um.edu.mo
Faculty of Business Administrationfba.um.edu.mo/students/e-notice8822 8666terrylam@um.edu.mo
Faculty of Educationfed.um.edu.mo8822 8776fed.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Faculty of Health Sciencesfhs.um.edu.mo8822 4201Andrewliu@um.edu.mo
Faculty of Lawfll.um.edu.mo8822 8687fll.suggestion@um.edu.mo
Faculty of Social Sciencesfss.um.edu.mo8822 8321fss.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Faculty of Science and Technologyfst.um.edu.mo8822 4963fst.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Institute of Chinese Medical Sciencessklqrcm.um.edu.mo8822 4685icms.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineeringiapme.um.edu.mo8822 4142iapme.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Institute of Microelectronicsamsv.um.edu.mo8822 8035ime.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Honours Collegehc.um.edu.mo8822 4973hc.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancementctle.um.edu.mo8822 8430aileenchu@um.edu.mo
Student Affairs Officesao.um.edu.mo8822 4842sao@um.edu.mo
Registryreg.um.edu.mo8822 4007registry@um.edu.mo
Graduate Schoolgrs.um.edu.mo8822 4560gradschool@um.edu.mo
Office of Administrationadmo.um.edu.mo8822 8597gigiwong@um.edu.mo
Global Affairs Officegao.um.edu.mo8822 4386gao.enquiry@um.edu.mo
Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairshseo.um.edu.mo8822 8852hseo.health_care@um.edu.mo
Security Centre 24-hour hotlinests.cmdo.um.edu.mo8822 4126sts.security@um.edu.mo

The above policies and stipulations should be strictly observed at all times. Your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated. Please stay tuned with the UM website for updates on the University’s anti-epidemic measures and arrangements.

UM Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control

(Ref: PPC/CO/026)

Release on 2020-02-01 10:05

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