The Alumni and Development Office (ADO) organized a sharing session titled “Alumni Visits to RC Series – Alumni Chat Hour” in Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) recently, alumna Lei Ut U (Carol) was invited to share her work and life experiences with students.

Before the sharing session, CYTC students showed Carol around to visit the facilities of the college and let her know about the life in their residential college. Afterwards, Carol shared her career development stories and problem solving skills with students, they also had further discussions on issues such as career planning and job hunting skills.

Advice for students

For students who want to move forward or start their own business after graduation, Carol emphasized the importance of setting goals and learning from experiences. “Since you only live once, why not step out of your comfort zone to look for opportunities in life?” She encouraged students to stay persistent towards their goals, broaden their horizons and make efforts to set themselves up for success.