In order to promote alumni’s sense of belonging to the University, encourage them to support its long-term development and maintain the communication in between, ADO organized the Graduation Photo-Taking Day 2019 in May. ADO took the opportunity to receive supports from graduates-to-be in advance via pre-order campaign.

During those activities, Bachelor, Master and PhD graduates took pictures with their families, relatives and friends while remembering their college days. ADO encouraged graduates to donate in supporting their Alma Mater and cultivate their giving back idea to the University. Over 50 graduates, their families and friends, and alumni made support during the activities with over MOP 5,000 raised in total.

To continue the spirit of giving back to Alma Mater, ADO will organize more souvenir fund-raising activities. New souvenirs can now be pre-ordered online. Interested parties could make support and receive the souvenirs by sending an email to donation@um.edu.mo. You are also welcome to visit the ADO office or contact us at 8822-4243 during office hours. For more details, please browse the ADO website at https://ado.um.edu.mo.