The Macao SAR Government announced the list of Decorations, Medals, and Certificates of Merit awarded for 2023 on 19 December. Yonghua Song, rector of the University of Macau (UM), will be awarded the Medal of Merit—Education in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the education sector. Congratulations to Rector Song on being awarded this honour.

Song expressed great joy and honour in receiving the Medal of Merit—Education. He also expressed sincere gratitude to the Macao SAR Government for recognising the development of UM and acknowledging his contributions. He added that the progress made by the university over the years is the result of the joint efforts of its faculty, staff, and students. He also extended special thanks to his colleagues for their hard work during the pandemic. Taking this opportunity, he would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all the institutions and individuals who have supported UM. The university would not have been able to reach this far without their support. UM will continue to strive for excellence, enhance its teaching and research quality, promote industry-academia collaboration, and cultivate more outstanding talent, so as to make further contributions to promoting Macao’s economic diversification and invigorating the country through science and education.

The Macao SAR presents awards to individuals and public or private entities, in recognition of their respective personal achievement, contribution to the community, or distinguished service to the Macao SAR. The decorations, medals, and certificates of merit awarded to them include: 1) Decorations of Honour; 2) Medals of Merit; 3) Medals for Distinguished Service; and 4) Honorific Titles. The Nomination Committee is composed of a maximum of 11 members. The chief executive may, based on the recommendations from the Nomination Committee, award decorations, medals, and certificates of merit.

Source: Communications Office