AS King Medical Products Ltd. donated masks to the University of Macau (UM) recently. Vice Rector (Global Affairs), Prof. Rui Martins; Vice Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Billy So; Director of Alumni and Development Office (ADO), Ms. Cindy Lam; Chairman of AS King Medical Products Ltd., Mr. Jorge Valente; Executive Directors, Mr. Danny Chau and Ms. Elaine Wong; and the Factory Manager, Mr. Neo Van, attended the donation ceremony held at UM. Vice Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Billy So received the donation on behalf of the residential colleges (RCs) and the masks will be distributed to students in ten RCs. The university expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the AS King Medical Products Ltd. and alumnus Danny Chau for the donation, which helps to support the anti-epidemic works in university.

AS King Medical Products Ltd. is a personal care products ltd. in Macao, co-founded by Mr. Jorge Valente, Chairman of Sino-Luso Industry and Culture Exchange Promotion Association (Macao) and alumnus Danny Chau, President of Supervisory Committee. The company aims to provide high quality and stable personal protective products to Macao citizens, and to support industrial diversification in Macao through locally manufactured products. The company also seeks opportunities to export products to the Portuguese-speaking countries and to promote Sino-Lusophone trade exchanges, giving full play to the role of Macao as a platform connecting China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.