Alumnus He Jiang (Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences)

  • Founder of the Shenzhen Enjoy Align Technology Co., Ltd.
  • President of the University of Macau (Shenzhen) Alumni Association


Shenzhen offers an abundance of opportunities amid a favourable entrepreneurial atmosphere

Influenced by the innovative atmosphere and cultural diversity in Shenzhen, He Jiang (Josiah) chose to work in the health technology industry in Shenzhen after graduation. He is the founder of Shenzhen Enjoy Align Technology. Blending technology applications into the medical industry, the company offers digital and invisible orthodontic solutions for customers. Josiah expresses that “the cross-sector characteristic of the big health industry can support the economy during the adjustment process”. Moreover, Shenzhen has well-developed information and a technology chain, as well as a leading position in a number of medical and health-related patents, which can provide a genuine friendly business environment for entrepreneurs.

As the border check point in the GBA between Mainland and Hong Kong, Shenzhen has not only enjoyed its excellent geographical location, its diversified entrepreneurial supporting policies are also incentives to attract young people to seek for entrepreneurial and development opportunities. With the implementation of the “Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” (referred to as the “Outline Development Plan”), the local government’s policies towards the health technology industry have become more supportive and extensive, “Covering the seed money for research and development, rental reduction and exemption, registration approval, talent incentives and social welfare plans.” Amidst the business environment and supportive policies, Josiah believes that Shenzhen’s entrepreneur hubs (such as the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Base in Nanshan and the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub) are the ideal places for Macao young entrepreneurs to set up their bases in Mainland. The market rate, venture capital, supply chain and supporting policies in Shenzhen can support them to conduct product research and development to further accelerate the development of their business.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of contingency and inevitability factors

Josiah shares his entrepreneurial story and believes that both “contingency and inevitability” factors are important in entrepreneurship, while the two factors are inseparable from and complementary to each other. “Contingency” refers to business opportunities, he suggests fellow alumni and students to conduct market research before starting a business, which will enable them to obtain a deep understanding of the nature, risks, market values and development opportunities of the industry and choose the career path that suits you best. While “inevitability” refers to the necessary conditions for starting a business and the entrepreneurial mindset, he believes that adapting to changing situations is a must during the entrepreneurial process, besides of the marking strategies, products, funds and team member factors. Also, the entrepreneurs need to “think critically about everything” to identify the potential risks and make the most of opportunities, as well as overcoming difficulties with critical thinking strategies, teamwork, courage and resilience.

Exemplifying the bridging role of alumni association

As the President of the University of Macau (Shenzhen) Alumni Association, he has always been committed to assisting the Alma Mater to connect with the alumni who are working and staying in Shenzhen, he expresses, “A few hundred alumni are currently staying in Shenzhen, the activities organized by the association can help to strengthen the UM alumni identity.” Several activities such as the alumni table sharing series, entrepreneurship and employment sharing sessions and corporate visits have been organized regularly to help the alumni to deal with the employment, entrepreneurship and living issues. Furthermore, the association also proactively cooperates with the local government and other educational institutes, promoting alumni’s sense of belonging and participation in support of the development of the Alma Mater.