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ADO organized its first ever “Alumni Summer Camp” in July 18-19. Around 40 alumni from different graduation year ranging from 1988 to 2014 gathered on campus. Some of them bought their families along to join this activity. The purpose of the event is to encourage alumni to join sport activities which they can enrich their leisure time and be more active in participant alumni activities. Meanwhile, Alumni got a chance to return to college to recall their student life in UM, so as to strengthen bonds and build relationships with their Alma Mater as well as witness her latest development.
The two-day summer camp included sports facilities like training for climbing wall , playing squash, tennis , badminton, swimming and fitness room. Alumni was impressed by the sports facilities on new campus. After knowing that alumni are eligible to use UM Sports Facilities by applying “UM Sports Facilities User Card” with the UM alumni card, some of them applied it right away. In addition, alumni participated in out-door group game to explore the campus. Some alumni joined the special edition of Campus Tour by visiting “Turtle pool”, residential college and University Mall, getting to know campus construction and student life.
At night,  a welcome dinner was arranged for alumni. Mr. Peng Chun Vong, Director of ADO who expressed that it was nice to see alumni returning to celebrate the reunion and hoped to unite all alumni in supporting the development of the University. A prize presentation to the winning teams of “Campus Challenge” followed before the dinner started. After dinner, alumni went for a walk guided by PGH house tutor, enjoying the difference scenery on campus at night.