The Alumni and Development office (ADO) provides opportunities for students to get in touch with different corporates. Through joining various activities, students can interact with alumni from different professions, so as to get themselves ready for challenges ahead and pave way for their future career development after graduation. Activities includes Alumni Mentorship Scheme, Corporate Experience Scheme – Chat Hour, and Alumni Visit to RCs.

For enquirer, please contact ADO Office (Email: or phone: (853) 8822 4244).

1.Alumni Mentorship Scheme

The Alumni Mentorship Scheme was launched in 2009 and has been held for 11 sessions. Through the scheme, students can build up a closer relationship with alumni, so as to broaden their horizons and expand networks. The Scheme lasts for six months and activities like Opening Ceremony / First Meeting, workshops, outdoor activities and Closing Ceremony. Through these activities, alumni will share their experience and tips in handling their study or planning their future career.

Registration period: From August to September

Activity Schedule: From September to January Next Year

Target Group: All students

Alumni with at least 3 years of working experience

2. Corporate Experience Scheme – Chat Hour

Students can meet and chat with alumni working in different professionals and visit their working companies to understand the environment and requirement of different industries.

Student organizations and residential colleges are welcome to co-organize activities with ADO.

Activity schedule: March / April or October / November

Target Group: All students

3.Alumni Visit to RCs

Alumni associations’ executive members or alumni in different professionals will be invited to visit the residential colleges (RC) and share work and life experiences with RC students. Through different types of activity arrangement, alumni will also get the chance to understand the latest college life of students which they may not experience before.  

Activity schedule: March / April or October / November

Target Group:  Alumni associations/ alumni /RC students