Alumnus Matthew KUAN

  • Class of 2006, BBA in Gaming Management
  • Class of 2013, Master of Business Administration
  • Class of 2020, Master of Education (Physical Education and Sport Studies)
  • Vice-Chairman of University of Macau Alumni Sport Association
  • Assistant Vice President of the Galaxy Entertainment Group (Electronic Games Analysis, Gaming Development & Optimization Services Department)

Alumnus Matthew KUAN is the first batch gaming management graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Macau. He has been engaging in the gaming industry for 17 years. His work involves analyzing the development planning and optimization of gaming affairs. He was a part-time lecturer at the University of Macau. He is the Assistant Vice President of the Electronic Games Analysis, Gaming Development & Optimization Services Department of Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Matthew mentioned that during his university study, he got in touch with many gaming practitioners in different positions. The professors also provided excellent support in helping students communicate with people in the gaming management field. He is also very grateful to have received support from Prof. Davis Ka Chio FONG to share his experience and views on the industry with the students and greatly help their academic and future planning.

Matthew is a person with an open mind. He has been trying to master his skills in multiple directions. When he switched his career in 2007, he attempted to study a master’s degree program in the sports and education area at the University of Macau. His self-learning ability cultivated in the undergraduate course has completed the challenge of studying in this unfamiliar field, which also gave him great confidence to explore more in the future.

Matthew stated that “continuous exploration and the courage to trial and error” is his philosophy of life. He also believes that university life is the epitome of society. Students will meet people from different backgrounds and fields when working in the community. Students are advised to cultivate the ability to communicate and coordinate with others.

He is also thankful to the University of Macau for providing unwavering support and a study environment for students to adapt to the future working environment efficiently.

Source: FBA