The Closing Ceremony of Alumni Mentorship Scheme, which was co-organized by the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) and the Career Development Centre (CDC), was held on 11 January 2020 at Banquet Hall in UM Guest House. This year, 41 alumni were matched successfully with 56 students based on their backgrounds and interests. The alumni and students were acted as mentors and mentees respectively for a period of 4 months. During these months, mentors and mentees contacted each other and met regularly; mentors also shared their life experiences and provided suggestions to students for their career development. In addition, a series of team-building activities like Rock Climbing experience, Oscar Farm – Leisure Trip were organized for the participants to strengthen the relationship between mentors and mentees.

At the ceremony, Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Pang gave a speech to encourage students to learn from their mentors and get a better understanding of the working conditions in different sectors. Afterwards, the Director of ADO, Ms. Cindy Lam gave a thank you address and showed a gratitude to the alumni mentors who dedicated their time to share their experiences, give guidance to mentees and help the alma mater to cultivate their younger brothers and sisters. Apart from the presentation of the certificates of appreciation to all mentors and mentees, the “Outstanding Mentees” award was also presented to three students. The awardees are Wu Jia (a third-year student from the Department of Communication), Chan Mei Tim (a postgraduate student from the Department of Government and Public Administration) and Tang Hio Ieng (a fourth-year student from the Department of Accounting). Certificates were presented by their mentors Mr. Chau Ho Kei (graduated in 2000, Department of Marketing), Ms. Lai Sheung Mei (graduated in 1989, Department of Government and Public Administration) and Mr. Lai Hong Choi (graduated in 2010, Department of Accounting).

The Alumni Mentorship Scheme aims to promote and enhance the interaction between alumni and students, encourage alumni to give back to their alma mater while providing opportunities for students to enhance their awareness of society. The new batch of Alumni Mentorship Scheme will be opened for application in August 2020. All students and alumni are welcome to apply. We look forward for your participation and please visit ADO website (https://ado.um.edu.mo/category/alumni-mentorship-scheme/) for more updated news.