Alumni Associations

As at February 2019, a total of 14 alumni associations have been established using the Name of “University of Macau” as prefix and endorsed by the University of Macau. They have been initiated by enthusiastic alumni groups belonging to a faculty, a department, a geographic location, or groups sharing similar interests. Even bearing the name of the University, they are self- funding entities that work independently from the University.   All alumni associations have maintained close links with the University through the Alumni and Development Office (ADO).

If you are thinking of forming an alumni association, please contact ADO for advice. ( Tel. (853) 8822-4384 or email to )

Please find below full list of alumni associations for your information.  If you are interested to join in as a member, you are welcome to contact them directly.

No.Name of associationYear of Establishment
Contact Information
1 University of East Asia Open College Students’ AssociationJune, 1991  
2 University of Macau Alumni AssociationJuly, 1998   
3 University of Macau (Hong Kong) Alumni Association2003   

4 University of Macau (Guangdong) Alumni AssociationJune, 2008
5 University of Macau Peer Support Program Alumni AssociationSeptember, 2010  
6 University of Macau Faculty of Business Administration Alumni AssociationFebruary, 2011  
7 University of Macau Government and Public Administration Student AssociationFebruary, 2011   
8 University of Macau Alumni Sport Association
August, 2012  
9 Honours College Alumni Association of University of Macau
September, 2012   
10 University of Macau (Shanghai) Alumni Association
September, 2017
11 University of Macau (Beijing) Alumni Association
December, 2017
12 Alumni Association of University of Macau Students’ Union
November, 2018
13 University of Macau Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Alumni Association
November, 2018
14 University of Macau (MinNan) Alumni Association
February, 2019
15 University of Macau (Shenzhen) Alumni Association
September, 2020
16 University of Macau Civil Engineering Alumni AssociationJune, 2023  
17 University of Macau Executive Master of Business Administration Alumni AssociationSeptember, 2023
18 University of Macau (Zhuhai) Alumni AssociationNovember, 2023
19 University of Macau Faculty of Law Alumni AssociationNovember, 2023

*It was found after the first batch of MBA students graduated from the University of East Asia in March 1987. In 2003, it was resolved at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to change the name to “University of Macau ( Hong Kong ) Alumni Association”