In coordination with the University of Macau Alumni Sport Association, the Alumni and Development Office organized a visit to the Judiciary Police (Polícia Judiciária, PJ) School for UM alumni on 26 June (Saturday) to provide opportunities for them to know about the organizational structure and the vocational trainings provided by PJ. The UM delegation received a warm welcome from the representatives of the Youth Concern Group of the Community Policing and Public Relations Division of PJ.

Representatives of PJ introduced the main functions and the organizational structure of PJ and explained the latest modus operandi of cyber security-related crimes (including online dating scams, investment scams and telephone deceptions) to the alumni with anti-scam videos and real-life examples, they also shared some of the crime prevention tips to the alumni to enhance their awareness of combating crimes.

A short tour was also arranged afterwards for the alumni to visit the crime scene investigation room, fingerprint identification room and the mock trial of PJ School, which provides them a comprehensive understanding of the job duties of PJ personnel. The delegation took a group photo with the representatives of PJ School at the end of the visit.