Grace, Ka In LOK, an assistant professor of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, successfully obtained her PhD degree in biomedical sciences from UM in 2020. Grace decided to embrace challenges and determinedly applied for PhD programme of FHS when she was working as a nurse. She recognised the significant benefits of the programme to her life as the knowledge she obtained from the study has  broadened her horizons in clinical practice and enhanced her profession and career development, and the experience she gained has fostered her persistence.

To be insatiable in learning

The PhD programme in Biomedical Sciences at FHS covers frontier scientific knowledge in life sciences. Under the guidance of professors, PhD students engage in independent research in a wide range of contemporary health and biomedical sciences.  Grace said that she is able to apply the research knowledge gained in her PhD study to her clinical service and teaching. “For example, when I take care of the chronic wounds of my patients, I will consider their metabolic and cellular aging problems.”  In addition, Grace’s supervisor, Prof, Yutao XIANG, guided her to complete the research on mental health. The results of the study provide more comprehensive evidence for her clinical services and teaching.

Perseverance will lead you to the peak of the mountain

During her PhD studies, Grace gave birth to her first child, so her days became very hectic. She had to juggle in work, studies and family. In retrospect of those overwhelmingly busy days, she has ever felt like giving up on her studies. Fortunately, she received immense support from her family and great encouragement from Prof. Xiang, which bolstered her up in her studies.  “Where there is a will, there is a way.  Only you keep on going and remain persistent, then perseverance will lead you to the peak of the mountain. ” She said that the whole PhD study is highly rewarding, as it brought her a pronounced competitive advantage in her career, cultivated her perseverance, and kept her focused more on her profession. “As a nursing teacher, I aim to nurture talents in health sciences persistently.”

Step out of your comfort zone and chase your dream

Grace encouraged current students to follow their curiosity and step out of their comfort zones. “Continuously learning and exploring in new areas will ultimately bring you unexpected rewards,” she says. “These growth experiences are advantageous to your career path and road of life.”

Source: Faculty of Health Sciences(FHS)