The University of Macau (UM) presented 16 academic prizes to 65 outstanding fresh graduates at the Academic Prize Presentation Ceremony 2021 on 18 June.

In his speech, UM Vice Rector Billy So congratulated the students and thanked the donors of the academic prizes. He said UM has been actively involved in the development of China and Macao and has established various key laboratories and research centres. At the same time, the university continues to expand its collaboration with mainland and overseas universities, offering dual and joint degree programmes with some of the world’s top universities, as well as establishing joint laboratories and national level research platforms, in order to enhance the university’s teaching quality and international competitiveness and promote the diversification and sustainable development of Macao’s higher education system. In the future, UM will further strengthen its responsibility and contribute to the diversification and sustainable development of Macao’s industries. He encouraged the award-winning students to continue to work hard for good academic results, learn more about the development of Macao and China, and share their knowledge with others.

Cheung Hio Wa, a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration and the Honours College, who is also a recipient of the ICBC Macau Academic Prize, in addition to providing an excellent learning environment, UM offers a variety of scholarships for its students, which greatly relieves financial pressure and allows them to persevere with their ambitions and progress towards their learning goals. The professors at UM help to stimulate students’ thinking and encourage them to participate in various community activities, such as the Campus Training Programme and the PR Student Ambassador Programme, so that students can have more confidence and understand the importance of thinking in the shoes of others. Cheung believes that there is no end to learning. Even after graduating from university, it is still important to keep acquiring different knowledge. She plans to pursue a postgraduate degree after working for two years.

In the past academic year, the university gave out over MOP 4 million in more than 60 kinds of academic prizes and scholarships to over 400 students. At the ceremony, 16 kinds of academic prizes were presented, namely Macau Foundation Academic Prize, Henry Fok Foundation Academic Prize, Bank of China Academic Prize, Luso International Bank Academic Prize, ICBC Macau Academic Prize, MECOM Power – Hung Yip Group Academic Prize, Akrostar Academic Prize, Choi Kai Yau Academic Prize, Lou Tou Vo Mathematics Academic Prize, Jorge Alvares Foundation Academic Prize, BNU Academic Prize, CEM Academic Prize, X Fintech Academic Prize, LECM Academic Prize, ERS Academic Prize, and Mil Law Office Academic Prize.