Alumni Sharing

A new tourism experience through augmented reality— The entrepreneur story of alumnus Kammy Cheong


Kammy Cheong, a psychology alumnus from the University of Macau (UM), founded Barra Studio, a company specialising in augmented reality (AR) interactive marketing services, in his last year of coll ...

First Macao female runner to complete UTMB – Alumna Cheung Ieng: The story from “running” out of darkness to a meaningful life


Class of 2009, Bachelor of Psychology Class of 2012, Master of Clinical Psychology What does running mean to you? The values it brings may vary among individuals. For alumna Cheung Ieng (Vivi), run ...

Alumni interview: UM alumnus Leong Hong Ian attends the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as an international referee


Under the shadow of pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Olympics) brought people together from all over the world to show support for the athletes, people can also be feeding off by the positive ene ...