As the pandemic situation was getting stable in Macao, the Honours College Alumni Association (HCAA) had successfully held the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021 on 4th September at The Place. 22 people, including representatives of the General Assembly, the Supervisory Board and the Council of HCAA were attending the AGM and all of them enjoyed the wonderful night.

During the AGM, Miki Lei, the President of the 5th Council of HCAA, presented an activity summary and financial statement of 2020. Polly Lam, Supervisor from the Supervisory Board also approved the activity report and financial statement. James Law, Chairman of the General Assembly recognized the contributions of the Council in the past year.

Meanwhile, Miki Lei also showed the upcoming year plan to the participants and would continue to coordinate with Honours College for the alumni sharing and the Honours College Alumni Mentorship Programme (HCAMP). From now on, HCAA welcomes HC graduates from every batch (not only the current graduates) to join our big family.

In year 2020, 29 new members has joined HCAA and the total number of members is 247 from 10 batches of alumni.

Source: UMHCAA