People nowadays are overwhelmed by life and work pressure, and often feel tension. The emotional tension that’s left unchecked somehow can contribute to mental health problem. In order to raise awareness and have a better picture about mental health and related problems, the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) organized the “Mindful and Health Workshop” in the Tai Fung Lecture Hall at E4 on 23 March 2019 . Around 60 alumni came to join with their friends.

Dr. Simon Chau, the Chairman of Body-Mind-Spirit Platform Ltd. and Dr. Vincent Lee, a doctor of Chinese Medicines from Hong Kong were invited to be the tutors of the workshop. They introduced the concept about healing system through clinical cases and some sophisticated cases. A few volunteers in the workshop shared their problems and Dr. Lee explored the causes of the problems that made them felt sick by asking questions on their daily habits and by checking on their look. Through this workshop, the two tutors wished that the participants could understand the importance of taking better self-care and taking proper rest to release their pressure with an open heart. By then, we can naturally keep our body and soul healthy and could be fully charged with energy to help others.